Post Surgery Update

I’m recovering pretty well from the hernia surgery. In my follow-up appointment with the surgeon on 5 November, he said I was healing well. He mentioned that there was more swelling in the area than he had expected but that was good because it meant that my body figured out it couldn’t reject the mesh so it was forming scar tissue around it. He increased my lifting restriction to 25 pounds and that ended yesterday. He also said I could continue with my yoga practice following the precautions I’d been following.

Even with the medical restrictions lifted I don’t feel that I’m even 90 percent yet. The swelling has gone down but I can still feel some hardness beneath the incision site. I was feeling some pain just above the site last week. I don’t know if it was related to the hernia but it affected my mobility a bit.

I got the hole drilled into my jawbone for the implant on the 12th and had the stitches removed earlier this week. The young lady who removed them said there was still a little tenderness but it was healing well. I’ve been putting my body through too much lately.

I really haven’t gotten back into my yoga practice to the degree that I’d hoped. I attempted to do more in the beginner’s class I attend with Abigail and quickly realized that I wasn’t up to it. There was some discomfort in the area of the surgery but more alarming was the diminished core strength. Right now the intermediate classes would thoroughly kick my ass. I haven’t done anything at home really due to other things I’ve got going on. I need to get my ass back on the mat.

The new position at the hospital is working out well so far. I’m keeping busy most days but I’m keeping up with the work orders and the administrative crap. I’m doing well but it could easily become overwhelming. I don’t know if they’re planning to hire another person to work with me but it would be nice.


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  1. My recovery is going very well. The swelling at the surgery site is almost completely gone and it still feels hard underneath but other than that I’m doing great. I’m pretty much back to my usual routine. Yesterday evening I did my first "regular" yoga class since the end of September and it went pretty well. I had some problems with balancing poses but overall it went well. It will take me a while to get back into the practice.

    The site of the implant seems to have healed well. There’s no pain or anything. I have another appointment with the periodontist just after the first of the year. I think it’s just another check up before they put in the titanium post. I’m looking forward to this whole process being done.

    My first month with the new company went well. I learned a lot, mostly their procedures and their system. Sometime this month I’m supposed to arrange to take my two hours and twenty minutes of accrued vacation since it doesn’t carry over. Someone will have to cover for me during my "vacation". I guess that’s one disadvantage to being in a one deep position.

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