Things are looking up

As October begins to wane, the future is beginning to look just a bit brighter. Things are starting to sort themselves out and fall into place. Overall, life is good.

The uncertainty over my employment situation has dissipated. Effectively, my last day of work under my current contract will be Friday and after a week off I’ll come back as a fulltime employee of the incoming company. I’ll be making a little less money but I think it will work out better for me. Just knowing that I’ll have a job next month is a great relief.

I had second thoughts about having the two procedures back to back so I rescheduled the dental implant until after Veteran’s Day. That may still be a little too soon. The hernia surgery is set for this coming Monday and I’ll have about a week to recover. I’m confident it will go well and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to resume my yoga practice before too long.

I’ve been doing a gentler practice the past couple of weeks and will continue it until the surgery. I expect I won’t be doing any asana for a day or two afterward and after that I’ll probably limit myself to breathing exercises and meditation, perhaps some gentle restorative practice, for a couple of days. I’m sure I’ll have to gradually build up to usual physical practice. I’ll discuss this with the doctors and my yoga teacher who has been very understanding, supportive and helpful. I’m sure the others in my classes have been wondering why I’m doing some things differently from the teacher’s instructions.

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