12 Stone

It was in January that I finally broke through the 180-pound barrier and my weight began to slowly creep down toward my target weight of 168 pounds. I hovered around 175 for a few months and around the end of May I began to approach 170. The goal was coming in sight. Finally, on July first I went below 170 and on the second, hit my goal of 168 pounds. I’ve since gone slightly below that.

It feels good to have shed almost 50 pounds. It took a little over two years to do it but that may be a good thing. It shows that in that time, I made lifestyle changes and changed my attitudes about food, nutrition and exercise. It also indicates that I’m likely to keep it off. Now the focus turns to maintenance, toning, and getting my blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol under control.

I had tried to lose weight before with limited success and I’d put it back on. This time around, I wasn’t trying so hard. After my pre-diabetes diagnosis, I began controlling my carbohydrate intake and weight loss was initially a pleasant side effect of getting my blood sugar down and under control.

I seemed to be onto something so I set a long-term goal with no definite target date. I had gotten a digital scale from a drawing at health fair at work so I began weighing myself daily and tracking my weight as well as my body fat and body water percentages. Just about everything I’d read about dieting said not to weigh myself that often but I took the attitude that I was merely collecting data and the daily numbers were meaningless. What mattered were the long term trends so I made my monthly averages the indicators of my progress.

I’ve seen and heard all sorts of ads for diet products and programs that promise astounding results in a short time. I’ve also heard many of them claim that you don’t have to change your eating and exercise habits or your lifestyle. I’m sure that many of these products and programs will help you lose weight quickly but as soon as you stop using them, I’m sure you’ll put the weight back on.

You’ll regain the weight because, even though you lost weight, you didn’t learn anything. It was quite likely your lifestyle that caused you to become overweight in the first place. You can’t expect positive change if you keep doing the same negative things over and over. For significant change to happen on the outside, something has to change on the inside. You can’t separate the mind and the body, they work together as a team.

In a Power Yoga workshop I heard Bryan Kest say that to lose weight, you just need to eat less. I’ve taken that idea and modified it slightly. My secret to losing weight has been “Eat less, eat smarter and move more.” It doesn’t get much simpler than that.


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