Projects & Road Trip

Since I’ve begun working again, I haven’t adjusted to having less time to get things done. I’m overwhelmed by my to-do list. There are so many projects, big and small, demanding my attention. A lot of household projects were put off due to fiscal constraints and now that the finances are starting to look better, I can do some of them. The question is “Where do I start?” Do I tackle the major projects or the smaller ones? After almost five years of forced frugality, I’m reluctant to spend money just because I have it.

I’ve also got other ongoing projects. I’ve been working on migrating my home network from Windows to Linux. My Windows servers are showing their age and Microsoft’s support for the operating system is about to disappear. I’ve been able to scrounge more up-to-date hardware and I’ve got the Linux distros. It’s a matter of setting aside some time to install, configure and test. Last month I put in a Network Attached Storage device and copied my data from the Windows servers to it. Once I’ve got the Linux servers online and configured, I’ll be able to retire the Windows servers although I’m trying to think of new uses for them.

Before I get into the projects I’m planning a weekend getaway to relax a bit, organize my thoughts, meditate, visit a cemetery, and maybe get in a little skinny-dipping. A visit to the “Farm” is always an opportunity to relax because it’s generally so quiet and peaceful. Even the sounds of the dragstrip in the distant seem like they belong as much as the crickets and the treefrogs.

I wasn’t able to find the correct Ossman family plot when I went up to Westfield last year but now I have a better idea of where to find it so I’ll revisit the cemetery and get the pictures. I’m hoping (but not expecting) that the stones will have full dates on them. After the cemetery, I’m planning on heading down to Skinny-Dip Falls to meet up with the Northcoast Naturists and hike down to the gorge with them. I probably only stay two or three hours there so I can get back to Footville at a reasonable time.


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