Still hanging in there

The entries here are too few and far between. I humbly apologize for my neglectfulness in updating this blog. I’ll try to be more mindful of it.

Let me bring you up to date. In the past year I’ve only been sporadically employed. In October I began a two-month stint as a contractor at Mercy Community Hospital in Springfield, Ohio, assisting their Information Systems techs in an operating system migration. I had expected to be there four to six months but after two months, a “management” decision was made deciding that contractors wouldn’t be needed after all.

In February, a fellow contractor from the Springfield project referred me to an agency in Columbus that was looking for people to do some preventive maintenance and upgrades for some biomedical equipment. It sounded interesting and it paid reasonably well, so I took it, working a couple of weeks at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. In April I did a similar project for a week at Mercy Community.

Shortly after that I was contacted by an agency for a long term PC support contract at Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton. So far, that’s been going pretty well. I’m learning my way around and their operation. The group I’m working with are a good group of people and they seem glad to have me there. There have been rumors about a reorganization and outsourcing in a few months. I’ll ride this as long as I can and be ready to move on if I have to. I’ll keep my resume up to date and online, just in case. In today’s economy, you have to keep your options open. I learned that the hard way.

As far as my health goes, things are looking good. I finally broke the 180-pound plateau. I was down to about 173 but lately I’ve been hovering closer to 175. I’m so close to my goal but I’ve heard the last few pounds are the toughest to lose. My blood glucose seems to be under control although I should be a little more mindful of the carbs. My blood pressure seems to be better and generally more stable but I’m not going to call it under control, at least not yet. I’m not due to see my cute doctor again until January.

My yoga practice is expanding into new areas although my home practice still hasn’t taken off. Since the beginning of the year I’ve been going to classes four to five times a week and with more class offerings I’ll probably do six classes a week. Right now I’m doing two hot yoga classes, two slow flow classes and an intermediate class. The studio is offering some new classes soon so I’ll probably be adding a yoga conditioning classes to the mix. That class will combine yoga with strength training, which ought to be interesting as well as challenging. With so many offerings I may be finding myself trying to decide which class to take on any given day.

Along with the physical practice, I’ve been delving more into the mental and spiritual aspects through meditation, kirtan, music and reading. I find many of the basic concepts of Buddhism and the Yoga Sutras very appealing. They seem logical and they make sense to me.

I’ve been taking Abi to a kids’ yoga class once a week and she really enjoys it. Last Sunday I brought her with me to my slow flow class and she kept up with it. She enjoyed the class. I hope she’ll stay interested in it and discover the other aspects to the practice.

Now that the indentured servitude is behind us, I need to start thinking about long neglected home and network maintenance projects. There are quite a few projects demanding my attention but, for the moment, funding remains a problem but hopefully we’ll be stable soon and we can start taking care of things. All I can do is take life one day at a time. The destination isn’t nearly as important as the journey itself.


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