While on WorldVitalRecords.com during their free trial, I did a search for ‘Simeon Benedict’ and found a reference to him in Joseph and Philena (Elton) Fellows, Their Ancestry and Descendants by Myrtle M. Morris (1940). It happens that Joseph Fellows and Philena Elton are my fifth great-grandparents and I’m descended from their eldest son, the Reverend Linus Hurlburt Fellows and his wife Lydia Eldred. I hadn’t really explored the Fellows line much so this was a great opportunity to do so.

My great-great-grandmother, Clara Evadne (Uttley) Benedict contributed much of the data for the Uttley and Benedict descendants. She described her son-in-law Oliver Warren as being of “Irish” descent. His grandmother was Irish but most of his lineage was English and Puritan. Nearly every direct line on my mother’s side goes back to early days of colonial Connecticut and Massachusetts with the Harrison line going back to the Mayflower.

I got through all of Joseph and Philena’s descendants through about 1940 and discovered where the error in many of the genealogies I’ve seen originated. It was Ms. Morris who mistakenly placed Nancy Jean Warren as the daughter of Clinton Warren and Evelyn Spaller. (Nancy was the third child of Frank E. Warren and Laura A. Webster and was born after Clara had passed away. Clinton and Evelyn had no children.)

Another minor error I found was for Glenn Charles Chase, son of Charles Chase and Lydia Evadne Benedict. The Morris genealogy shows that he died in May 1919. It was Charles Chase who died in May 1919. His son Glenn lived until 1979, as confirmed by several Benedict cousins who knew him.

VitalRecords.com extended their free access a few more days so I’ll be able to get back on and explore then Fellows-Elton ancestry from Joseph and Philena to their immigrant ancestors.

It’s fascinating reading. I was up until after 2:30 in the morning reading the genealogy. I get so wrapped up in it that I lose all track of time. I guess I’m a genealogy and history geek.


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