Podwils Pictures

I found some photos of Podewils (now Podwilcze) that may be of interest. Podwils, once part of Prussia, was the birthplace of my grandfather, Otto Wilhelm Carl Romig.


Schloß Podwils (Castle Podwils)


Gruß aus Podwils (Greetings from Podwils)


Die Kirche 1930 (The church in 1930)


Die Fußballmannschaft (The Soccer Team)

I have to wonder if the church pictured might be the same church in which my grandfather was christened. It’s quite possible.

In the photo of the Podwils (Podwilcze) soccer team, the players are identified as (standing): Heinz Gùlzow, Erich Ott, Walter Benwitz, Georg Manke, Werner Benz, ?, and Otto Minning. Seated are Walter Nitschke, Paul Fischer, and Willi Schulz. It’s possible that Erich Ott may be a distant cousin.

Finding information on my German and Slovak ancestors has been one of the biggest brickwalls I face.


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