July Genealogy Update

I’ve updated the family trees and group sheets on the web site. The actual process of creating them is actually, quite easy. The software takes care of most of it and the configuration files answer all the questions. The difficult part is actually getting the files uploaded to the server. Even on my local network, transferring over 6,000 small files is quite time consuming. I’ve found it best to move the files in chunks of about 300 to 350 files each, otherwise the system begins to bog down since I’m not blessed with the latest and greatest equipment. Moving those same files over the Internet takes even longer.

When I changed hosts a few months ago, I acquired a new domain name in addition to the one I’ve had. Right now, it’s pretty much sitting idle. I think it would be an ideal place to host my genealogy site even though some of the updates may be a long, involved process. But that’s my problem. Over all, I think it’s better to have the site on a hosted server in terms of reliability and maintenance. By putting the site on a remote host on a shared server, there’s dedicated maintenance and less probability of extended down time.

My web server isn’t really a server but an older desktop computer running Linux in a server configuration. It’s been running great but if it crashes, the site is down until I can fix it. That’s already occurred once and I ended up replacing the hardware. Luckily, I was able to find a suitable replacement.

The plan to move the genealogy site is on hold for a while due to technical difficulties. Once I get it figured out, I’ll give it another try.


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