Obituaries ready for upload

I finally got through that stack of obituaries on my desk. I also went though each of the files to correct spelling and to add relationship information. For those who were related but not ancestors, I added whatever ancestors they had in common with me. There are three sets of common ancestors for many of the Loomis relations.

I still need to reorder the index pages. I knew that was going to be a potential problem when I redesigned the site but at the time, didn’t see an easy solution. I still don’t but I’m thinking there may be a way of creating dynamic pages using PHP or something. I might have to create a MySQL database, I don’t know. It’s something to investigate.

Once I get the obituaries online, I’ll update the trees. I found that I hadn’t fixed a link in the configuration file I used to create the family group sheets. I’ve fixed it and I’ll check to make sure the link to the group sheet home page when I do the update. I also changed the email address to point to the one I set up for my new domain. The genealogy @ will still work.


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