Webster-Pettit Connection

As long as I was in the neighborhood, I paid a visit to the Genealogical Room at the Morley Library in Painesville. I would have loved to have been able to stay longer and do some serious research in their beautiful, well-laid out facility. But I had just one objective in mind on Monday morning and that was to get the obituaries I had requested back in April. I easily found the films I needed and printed the obituaries.

Myrtle Pettit’s obituary didn’t provide much new information nor did it confirm her relationship to Flora Osmond Fleming. George Center’s obituary didn’t have the information I needed either but it was very interesting to read. Apparently Mr. Center had led quite a life. He came to America from Scotland as a young man and worked for (or with) Generals Custer, Casement, and Garfield. He was involved in the completion of the Union Pacific Railroad and several other railroads, eventually coming to Painesville, Ohio where he met, and married, my third great-grandmother, Jerusha Nichols.

Of course, it was Jerusha Center’s obituary where I expected to find the confirmation I sought. It lists her three daughters — Mrs. James Fleming (Flora Osmond), Mrs. E. E. Longenberger (Etta Osmond) and Mrs. “Mertyl” Pettit (nee Center). It also mentions her son Bert (Myrtle’s twin) and her brothers Alonzo and Ira Nichols.

As near as I can tell, this is the Webster connection with the Pettits. We have a common ancestor in Jerusha Nichols. Her eldest daughter Flora married James Fleming and their daughter Mabel married Willis Webster. From their union came my grandmother Laura who married Frank Warren. Flora’s half-sister Myrtle married Harry Pettit and their son Frank married Frank Warren’s sister Mabel. It all comes together.

Now, I need to set aside some time to process my stack of obituaries to add to the site. That’s one of many genealogical projects I have pending.

As always, finding new information leads to new questions and new leads to follow. Jerusha’s brother Ira married Sarah Jessie Center and the evidence I’ve found so far leads me to believe she is probably George’s sister. His obit is very sketchy on family details, alluding only to his wife and two children. Sarah’s death certificate shows her parents as Alexander Center and Sarah Brodie. I’ve seen them references as parents for both George and Sarah on some family trees I’ve seen on Ancestry.com but I’m looking for more conclusive information. I always take user-submitted trees and data with a grain of salt. I’ll use it as a lead to find a more qualified source.

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  1. I left a query with another researcher on Ancestry.com and got a response from a 3rd great-grandchild of Sarah Jessie Center who confirmed that she and George were siblings, the children of Alexander Center and Sarah Brodie.

  2. Could you please put me in contact with the descendant of Sarah Center? This is George A. Center’s IGI record. I am confident that he and Sarah Isabella Janet (Jessie) are siblings. There are 6 other siblings
    Following George’s IGI, is Sarah’s
    Veronika from Australia

    George CENTER
    Sex: M
    Birth: 6 Oct 1847
    New Deer, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Father: Alexander CENTER
    Mother: Sarah BRODIE
    Source Information:
    Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
    C112255 1820-1855 0993347 , 0102518 Film 6902764 Film

    Sarah Isabella Janet CENTER
    Sex: F
    Birth: 19 Dec 1852
    New Deer, Aberdeen, Scotland
    Father: Alexr. CENTER
    Mother: Sarah BRODIE
    Source Information:
    Batch number: Dates Source Call No. Type Printout Call No. Type
    C112255 1820-1855 0993347 , 0102518 Film 6902764 Film

  3. I am a descendant of Alexander Brodie and Barbara Anderson of St. Fergus parish in Aberdeenshire. On of their daughters, Mary Brodie, married Alexander Center and they and their family lived in Monquhitter ABD. Their oldest son Alexander married Susan Chalmers and lived in and around St. Fergus. Alexander and Mary’s son Alexander Center married Alexander and Susan’s daughter Sarah Brodie – i.e. they were first cousins. Alexander and Sarah had 8 children that I know of, including George and Sarah Isabella Janet. Those two and possibly other children of Alexander & Sarah emigrated to the US, probably in about the 1860s. The older Alexander and Mary Center and many, if not all, of their children emigrated to Wisconsin in the 1840s and then to the San Francisco/Oakland/Santa Clara area, and have many descendants there. I have more info on the family if desired.


  4. The children of Andrew Romig/Roberta Warren and the children of Raymond Romig/Myrtle Pettit are related as follows.

    1st cousins, common ancestors – Otto Romig & Sophie Putka (grandparents)
    2nd cousins, common ancestors – Oliver Warren & Ethel Benedict (great-grandparents)
    Half 3rd cousins once removed, common ancestor Jerusha Nichols. Her lines are:

    Jerusha Nichols and John Osmond -> Flora Osmond (James Fleming) -> Kathleen Fleming (Willis Webster) -> Laura Webster (Frank Warren) -> Roberta Warren (Andrew Romig) -> Me & my siblings.

    Jerusha Nichols and George Center -> Myrtle Center (Harry Pettit) -> Frank Pettit (Mabel Warren) -> Myrtle Pettit (Raymond Romig) -> my cousins.

    Roberta Warren Romig and Myrtle Pettit Romig were both first cousins and half 2nd cousins once removed. That makes Myrtle my aunt by marriage to my father’s brother, my 1st cousin once removed (Warren line), and my 2nd cousin twice removed (from Jerusha Nichols).

    This makes Laura Webster Warren (my grandmother) and Myrtle Pettit Romig half 2nd cousins and Robert Warren Romig and Myrtle Pettit Romig’s children half 3rd cousins.

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