Visitng the Family Estate

It was good get up to Footville for a couple of days. It’s a sanctuary, a place where I can get away from suburban life, enjoy some peace and quiet, find solitude and just relax, listening to the crickets and the tree frogs. Even the roar of the drag strip in the distance seems to be in harmony with the surroundings.

This was the first time I’d been up there since the funeral. I really should try to get up there more often, especially in the warmer months. The graduation party for Katie and Cody provided the official reason for the trip although it’s not really necessary to have a reason. The party turned out well. The weather cooperated completely — sunny, not too warm, with a nice gentle breeze. Dad rented a big canopy along with some tables and chairs. There was plenty of food and drink though some were a little disappointed there wasn’t any beer. But beer isn’t necessary to have a good time.

The drive up and back was good. There wasn’t too much construction and the weather held out. It wasn’t until the first rest stop on the way back that I dug out the owner’s manual and figured out how to use the cruise control. The older I get the more I have to RTFM.

I definitely need to get back up there at least once more this summer. It’s home and I can feel the love there.


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