Genealogical Activity, 5 Jun 09

While searching online for information on my 3rd great-grandfather, John F. Osmond, I found a family tree that included him as well as many of my Webster relations. I saw that he had posted a lot of photos, death certificates, and obituaries which helped me fill in a lot of gaps in my more recent Loomis line. I also located more obituaries online. It looks as though I will be updating the web site in the near future. I’ll probably get all of the obituaries completed before I upload them to the server.

I still haven’t gotten a response from the Morley Library about the obituaries I requested so I sent another request. If I don’t hear anything by next Saturday, I’ll try to see if I can swing by the library while I’m in the area. I also mailed off a request to the Ventura County (California) library for Laura E. (Ames) Warren’s obituary. She was the wife of Harlie Warren. I hope to hear from them soon. I’m getting in touch with the library in Ortonville, Minnesota to request obituaries for Franklin and Alice Warren. All I have on Franklin’s death is the year, 1935. Online death indexes for Minnesota and South Dakota have turned up no clues. I’m hoping to pay a visit to Cousn Katie while I’m visiting the homestead next weekend. Maybe she has some information that will be helpful.


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