Breaking down another brick wall

Several years ago, my mother told me of another relationship between our family and the Pettits other than the relationship through the marriage of Mabel Warren and Frank Pettit. She had heard that Myrtle May Pettit (wife of Harry H. Pettit and grandmother of Myrtle May Pettit Romig) was related on the Webster side and had a twin. For years I looked for the connection but found nothing.

Some time ago while searching through Ohio Death certificates at, I found the death certificate for Jerusha M. (Nichols) Center, my 3rd great-grandmother. I noticed that Myrtle Pettit was listed as the informant which often indicates a close family relationship. I had a strong suspicion that this was the case, given what my mother had told me previously.

This morning, I looked up Frank Pettit’s death certificate and it showed Myrtle’s maiden name as “Center.” That indicated that perhaps there was a relationship after all. I did some digging around on a few genealogy sites and found Jerusha Center in the 1900 census which showed her as widowed (husband George had died in 1890) with twin children “Bertie and Mertie” who were born in August 1883.

Some more searching confirmed that Bert Center’s date of birth matched Myrtle’s and the information on his death certificate showed that his parents were George Center and Jerusha Nichols and he was born in Painesville.

I’ve requested several obituaries from the Morley Library which should help confirm my findings.

Mom was close on this one. There was a family relationship in that Flora Osmond Fleming and Myrtle May Center Pettit were half-sisters. She was also right about Myrtle being a twin.


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  1. This adds another level of blood relationship between me (and my siblings) and Ray and Myrtle’s offspring. We are 1st cousins due to common grandparents (Otto Romig & Sophie Putka). We are 2nd cousins due to common great-grandparents (OB Warren & Ethel Benedict). We are also 3rd cousins once removed due to having Jerusha Nichols as a common ancestor (3rd and 2nd great-grandmother, respectively).

  2. I’d pretty much forgotten that I had requested obituaries for Myrtle Pettit, Jerusha Center, and George Center back in April. I resent the request today. Hopefully, I’ll hear something soon.

    I’m planning to attend the graduation party for Katie and Cody later this month and I’d like to work in a little genealogy if I can. Perhaps I can visit Counsin Katie and see what genealogical treasures she has. If we can stay an extra day, maybe I’ll stop by the library and look up the obituaries myself.

  3. […] Breaking down another brick wall […]

  4. Center girl here. George A. Center (who married Jenesha Nichols) descends from a brother of my direct ancestor. Any cousins may contact me via heaters_siren(at)yahoo(dot)com

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