Am I getting any healthier?

Since June I’ve been learning to live healthier and to do whatever I can to avoid or at least minimize the inevitable. Looking back over the last six months, I ask myself, “Am I getting any healthier?” Judging from the results of my latest blood tests, the answer is an unqualified maybe.

Blood sugar, liver, kidney, and PSA tests came back in the acceptable/normal column and there was nothing marked unacceptable. That’s always a good sign. The cholesterol test results were kind of mixed but they seemed to be better over all than back in April. My overall cholesterol was 143 mg/dL, down from 197 mg/dL which was just under the 200 mg/dL threshold. My triglyceride levels improved considerably dropping from 172 mg/dL to 77 mg/dL. My HDL (good cholesterol) remained unchanged at 29 mg/dL, well below the recommended 55 mg/dL mark. My LDL (bad cholesterol) dropped from 133 mg/dL to 98.6 mg/dl but it’s still a bit high.

They didn’t do an HbA1C test this time but the test I had a few months ago showed that my blood sugar had come down significantly. I’ve been doing a good job of watching my carbohydrate intake although it has been more difficult during the holidays. A pleasant side effect of watching the carbs has been weight loss, having lost about 20 pounds since April. I’ve been getting a lot of positive comments on my weight. Perhaps with the addition of some regular exercise, I can easily meet my target weight of 168 pounds, or 12 stone, by my birthday.

I’ve been telling myself for a very long time that I need to get more exercise and that exercise is quite probably the key to getting all of those numbers in their proper balance. It’s quite apparent that I don’t listen to myself very well. I seem to be with the majority since not very many people do listen to me.


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