Catching up

It’s old news now but I did survive Hurricane Ike’s foray into Ohio. It blew a few branches out of the trees and tore a few shingles but that was the extent of damage. The biggest inconvenience was being without power for eight days. At first it was a minor inconvenience and then it became an inconvenience. After about the fifth day, it was a frustration when there was power all around me but I was still in the dark. But I found solace in remembering that folks in Texas were in a far worse situation. In that perspective, it was only a minor inconvenience.

Last month I received a summons for jury duty to be available for three days this week. I didn’t need to report on Monday but had to show up for jury selection on Tuesday. I took the bus downtown and got processed in. Around nine, the bailiff split us up into groups or prospective jurors (I was in the first group of alternates). After a 20 minute break, we took our seats and waited and waited and waited. Finally, around 10:30, she came back in to explain that the defendant had decided to make a plea bargain at the last possible minute but she couldn’t tell us anything or release us until everything had been finalized. Then we were free to go although we still needed to call in the evening for further instructions. As expected, I didn’t have to report on Wednesday. Of course, not having to report on Monday and Wednesday meant that I had to go to work those days.

In a way, I was kind of disappointed that I didn’t get to experience going through the selection process or sitting on the jury. I was looking upon jury duty as an adventure of sorts and a much needed break from work.


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