Mandatory fun accomplished

I was directed to attend a baseball game this past Tuesday. The director’s email stressed the importance of participating in this “exercise.” I’m not sure what he meant by that but I’m sure it’s something from a management seminar or something. I did notice a certain lack of randomness in his pairings for the games. He paired each employee with the person they work with most closely. Maybe he’ll pass out a survey or call a meeting to discuss our feelings. Perhaps he’ll have us write essays. I don’t know. I’m still unsure how I feel about my involuntary participation in a socilogy experiment.

At first I was resistant to the idea of mandatory fun and reluctant to participate. But after the paintball thing I decided to go along with it. Not that I had anything planned for Tuesday evening anyway and the only out of pocket cost was parking. (Can I get reimbursed for that?) I took a vacation day because, otherwise, the logistics of getting to the game on time would have been difficult at best.

Although I’m not a sports fan by any stretch of the imagination (guess how many Olympic events I’ve seen), I did find the game interesting. We had good seats on the third base line near the home team’s dugout so I had an excellent view of the game. I even stayed for the entire game. I’d probably go again although not because it was my idea. Baseball still isn’t a sport I can get enthused about but watching a minor league game can be a nice change of pace for an evening’s entertainment.


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  1. It’s been nearly two months since I attend the Dayton Dragons game with Misty, as directed. I took part in the “exercise” but I’m still wondering about its purpose or what was to be gained from it. Did I gain anything from it other than enjoying a ball game that I would not have otherwise attended. Did I get to know Misty any better? Did she get to know me any better? I’d have to say no on both counts. It was just another work-related assignment. We didn’t engage in any work-related conversation nor did we talk about anything that we wouldn’t discuss at work.

    Did this “exercise” meet its objectives? Did it fullfil its purpose? Inquiring minds want to know.

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