Mom’s Tree

Mom's treeLaura sent me this picture of the tree that Dad’s coworkers at Dysons planted in Mom’s memory. It’s a lovely tree and Dad fixed up the area very nicely. It seems to be a fitting memorial.

It’s been a week since the funeral and I think I’m holding up fairly well. It’s going to be a long time to get over it though I’ll never completely get over the loss. Maybe someday I’ll be able write about it but I can’t right now. It’s just too soon.

The service itself was very nice. Harold Underwood gave a wonderful eulogy and the Pastor gave a very moving sermon, focusing on her role as a homemaker and her devotion to family. During the visiting hours prior to the service I got reacquainted with several cousins from all sides of the family that I hadn’t seen in quite a long time. There was a good selection of pictures that the grandchildren put up on a magnetic board. They showed Mom as she really was, full of life. She took on the role of grandmother with gusto and enthusiasm.

My nephew Joshua wrote a lovely poem for Mom and Dad during her final days. Dad had him print and sign several copies and he framed them for each of us. We also had it printed in the funeral cards.

Walk Slowly

Walk slowly
toward the light
no need to hurry
just take your time
we’ll have eternity
to hold hands and fly free
so as you paddle down
that twilight sea
go slowly
and wait for me.


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