Douglas Warren? I don’t think so.

I had gotten some information while I was back home earlier this month that I started to investigate. I found Evelyn Spaller Warren’s obituary on the News-Herald’s web site. I had also heard that Uncle Harold’s first wife, Margaret, had died earlier this year. I did some research and found some information that Cousin Connie has placed on which filled in some of the gaps I had.

One bit of information that piqued my interest was some information on Dorcas Nesbitt, my 3rd great-grandmother. Connie’s information indicated she died in 1909 in Delmont, SD. I had a listing from the Delmont City Cemetery that showed a Mrs. Allen who died in 1910 at the age of 84. Also in the listing are four Warren burials – Frank, Alice, an infant, and “Douglas Warren” Since “Douglas” is buried in the same lot as the other Warrens there’s a good chance there’s a family relationship. However, I’ve found no record of a Douglas Warren anywhere. This transcript shows that Douglas was 95 at the time of death.

I did some digging around and found a record for Dorcas Allyn in the South Dakota Death Index. She died 3 Oct 1909. Then I got to thinking about the photos of the Warren grave sites someone had sent me. (See Grave Mystery in Delmont.) I loaded the “Douglas Warren” photo into an editor, blew it up, and messed around with the contrast and brightness. Finally, I made a negative image of it and the lettering on the stone stood out much better. Much of the stone has grass grown over it but I was able to make out AS ALLE and the year of death, 1909. It is very likely the grave of Dorcas Allen. Given the condition of the stone, someone casually looking at it might assume the name was Douglas Allen and since, apparently, there was no surname, would then assume the grave was that of a Warren child.

negative image


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