Summer Vacation

A while back I had tentatively laid out my summer vacation plans. Even as I was carefully planning my vacation time, I had my doubts that it would work out as planned. My plans rarely work out, especially plans for my own benefit and enjoyment. As fate would have it, I’ll most likely be taking some vacation in June to attend to urgent family matters back home. I’ll probably also be burning vacation time to attend to medical appointments since I’ve used nearly all of my personal time off.

For the most part I hadn’t really planned to go anywhere although I did want to finally attend to some household and yard chores I’ve been putting off for quite some time. Most of my nude recreation plans were weekend plans anyway although I had given thought to heading up north in August to check out Chautauqua Gorge near Westfield, New York. That may still be possible but it’s far too early make any definite plans for it. I was also considering a couple of genealogical expeditions and some library research to further justify the trip.

I really believe I’ll need some free time to get away from the pressures and the stress to recharge my batteries. My naked Saturdays at the resorts and the week’s vacation last summer were very relaxing and relieved a lot of stress. I want those sorts of experiences again this summer. Even the nude swims I’ve attended this winter and spring have been rejuvenating.


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  1. As it turned out, the urgent family matter became more urgent and much sooner than expected. I probably won’t be burning any vacation since I can get up to four weeks off with pay. I’ll get all that straightened out with HR tomorrow. Still, all vacation plans are tentative, probably right up until the last minute.

    I’m still hoping to work in some nude recreation. When I got back on Friday, I found I had a private message on NFN from a nudist couple in Dayton and it turns out they live in Huber Heights too. I responded but I haven’t heard back yet. I’ll be going back home to visit at least once this summer to help my father get his wood cut. I’m going to have to watch the budget very closely in order to do any extra trips.

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