Grave Mystery in Delmont

I received photos of the Warren graves in the Delmont City Cemetery yesterday. According to the transcription of the SDHS Graves Registration Project for Delmont City Cemetery in the Douglas County, South Dakota USGenWeb archives, an unnamed infant is buried in Block E, Lot 6, plot 2. The same document shows Alice Warren to be buried in that grave. Although no burial date is shown for the infant, I suspect it is Alvin, the firstborn son of Oliver and Ethel.

The same transcription shows a Douglas Warren buried in plot 8 of the same lot in 1909. The transcription shows him to be 95 years old when he died. I have not found anything on a Douglas Warren in South Dakota prior to 1909. The South Dakota Death Index, 1905-1955 on only shows one Warren death in 1909, an Elizabeth Warren in Minnehaha County. The author of the e-mail says the cemetery books show Douglas to be an infant. If that’s the case, then locating records online would be extremely difficult.

If this Douglas Warren was an infant death, then whose child was he? If he was the grandson of Frank and Alice then the parents could only have been Oliver and Ethel or Harlie and Laura. My great-grandfather wrote down all the vital information in his Bible so I imagine Jennifer would have made mention of it when she looked up the dates for Alvin and Faye for me. Harlie and Laura were married in 1907. The 1910 Census shows Laura had two children, both living. although information on the census forms can be inaccurate. Frank’s and Oliver’s households were the only Warrens listed in Douglas County in 1910.
Warren graves
Warren graves
Warren graves

As a relative of someone buried in the Delmont City Cemetery, I’m automatically a member of the Delmont Cemetery Association and, as such, am expected to donate toward the upkeep of the cemetery. That’s pretty clever.


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  1. I’d like to comment on a couple of things about the captions on the photos. First of all, they’re not mine, they were part of the image.

    The transcription in the Douglas County, SD archives shows that Douglas Warren was 95 when he died and would have been born about 1814. Only the death date can be seen in the photo of his stone.

    The transcription also shows Frank as 72 when he died, meaning the birth year on his stone was probably read by the transcriber as 1863.

    I’ve enlarge the photo in Photoshop and while it’s pixelated and hard to read, it looks like 1853 to me. The top of the third digit in his birth year looks different than the third digit in Alice’s birth year. On her stone the 6 appears to have a downward hook at the top while the 5 on his stone does not.

    I would love to be able to travel to Delmont to see the stones myself.

  2. […] 1909. Then I got to thinking about the photos of the Warren grave sites someone had sent me. (See Grave Mystery in Delmont.) I loaded the “Douglas Warren” photo into an editor, blew it up, and messed around […]

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