Odds and Ends

Here are a couple of useful links that have just been added to my Genealogy Sites page:

Online Searchable Death Indexes for the USA
Includes Obituaries, Cemeteries & the Social Security Death Index
This site has links to a lot of resources in almost every state. Some of the databases are the same ones you’d pay for on Ancestry.com.

Geauga County, Ohio USGenWeb Archives
The link is difficult to find on the Geauga County GenWeb page and there is enough information in this archive to deserve its own link. Once you’ve opened this is your browser you can navigate to the archives for other counties and states.

And just to keep my tables symmetrical, I added a link to the Portage County, Ohio USGenWeb site.

Over the Labor Day weekend, I did a lot of little projects, or at least started them. I did a little more research on Uri Blakeslee’s line and dug around for more on Jason Blakeslee and his descendants. I began consolidating all the information I’ve garnered from the Morley Library’s Lake County Obituary Index. They’re up to M now in the pre-1997 obituaries so I followed up on that. I am also trying to consolidate what I’ve gathered from the Ohio Death Certificate Index, 1913-1944. I have multiple entries from both indexes scattered among my leads files. It would be good to have one list for each index from which to decide what obituaries and death certificates to request.

I’ve corrected the HTML coding errors I found on the CD and the Web site. The images and links on the pages for the Blakeslee wills are all correct now. I fixed the page in the photos section that had been identified as “Allan and Harland Romig.” It is actually Allan and Andrew. They are now properly identified on the page and the image file has been renamed as well. There are probably more errors on the CD (and probably the site) so if you find any links that don’t work or pages that don’t look right, don’t hesitate to let me know. I want it to be right.

If you use Firefox (everyone should) and found that my genealogy software page didn’t display the background and a couple of images, you’ll be glad to know I’ve fixed that error as well. Since the pages are now hosted on a Linux server instead of a Windows server, backslashes in the file paths do make a difference with a browser that’s more standards compliant than Internet Explorer. Of course, while I was editing to page to change three backslashes to forward slashes, I couldn’t resist tweaking the rest of the code just a bit. I guess that’s the latent programmer in me. Programming projects are never finished, only abandoned.


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