Obituary Arrived

I’ve got an obituary for Harlie Warren in the mail today. It gave me some good information such as the married names of two of his daughters. One clue it didn’t give me was the actual name of the son listed as “Hodmin” in the 1930 census. The obituary lists him as “H. W. Warren” living in Duluth, Minnesota. Of Harlie and Laura’s children, I have good dates on Irene and Iola. I have dates for Irwin but there’s some doubt. It seems that Doris and her husband are still living; they’re both in their 80s. I haven’t been able to find much of anything on Irma, Stewart, Verne, and H. W. Warren.

A couple of days ago someone sent me an e-mail with the address for the library in Ventura, California where I can write them for a copy of Laura (Ames) Warren’s obituary. Maybe that will give me more clues. While I’m writing for obits, I’ll send a request to the library in Ortonville for Frank and Alice’s obituaries.

Here are some links for Cuyahoga County, Ohio:
Cuyahoga County Ohio Deaths
Cuyahoga County Cemeteries
City Of Cleveland (Owned) Cemeteries. Information regarding each cemetery the City of Cleveland owns and maintains including how to request cemetery records
Heritage Pursuit, The Place For Historians And Genealogists. This is a personal genealogy site but it has useful links for about 30 Ohio counties.


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