CD enhancements and other stuff

I’ve found a few errors in the CD already, nothing major. I found a couple of bad links and one case of a mislabeled picture. Of course, I didn’t discover that error until I saw another copy of the picture with names on the back. It’ll be fixed on the next addition and soon on the Web site. I’m sure there will be other things to be fixed on the CD. Maybe I’ll get some feedback and information on the living. There are a lot of gaps when it comes to the living. I know more about the dead.

I’ve also gotten a request for more information than just the vital statistics. I was telling Ruth some of the stories I’d read on some of our ancestors and said that should be in there too. She has a good point. The tree on its own is kind of cold. I know the stories but I need to share them. Look for that in the future.

The trip up to the “ancestral homeland” wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to a cemetery. I made it to the Fairview Cemetery in Madison and photographed the Gaines and related headstones that I missed on my last trip. I had originally planned to go Maple Grove in Thompson to make sure I got the Blakeslee stones. There really wasn’t time and a quick glance through my still unorganized cemetery photos showed that I had some of them. Yeah, I need to get those sorted out.

Cheryl posted Dorothy Otrey Warren Sproat’s obituary on the Ancestry/RootsWeb message board. It didn’t reveal much new information but there are some clues. I know where the children were in 1992 and the name of one of John E. Sproat’s daughters. The obituary named the cemetery and I’m guessing that Elry may be buried there as well.

I noticed that the Morley Library Obituary Index is up to the letter M for obituaries preceding 1997. I started going through and finding people. I found several and a few of them gave me death dates and spouses I hadn’t known about. I could easily spend a week, possibly longer, at the library and use $100 worth of quarters just getting obituaries.


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