Site updates and changes

The genealogy site has been updated. I’ve moved all the remaining content to FrankenWeb and, hopefully, all the links work correctly. If you go to the MojoReisen URL, you’ll be redirected. I’ve added more photos as well as obituaries and some documents. I hope the changes won’t cause much confusion. A few things have moved but I think the site is still easy to navigate and a little less cluttered. I’m a believer in K.I.S.S. and I try to consider how the person on other end is going to interact with it.

I burned the first CD version of the site and it works. I’ve tweaked a few links and files since and now it’s ready for beta testing. There is one set of pages where clicking the “Home” link will try to take you to my Internet home page. I corrected it for the index page for that folder. I’m not going to manually change almost 5,500 pages. I’ve put a work-around on that particular index page and on the main page. Other than that all the links to local pages work. Outside links will, of course, be dependent upon a connection to the Internet.

All that’s left to do now is burn a few CDs to pass out to my “beta” testers.


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