Update day

The new and improved Web site is almost ready. I think I’ve gotten most of the links and other issues worked out. Today I’ll update the gedcom files and produce the third-party content from Legacy, ged2html, and ged4web. I want to get the much awaited CD done today as well. Hopefully, I get it all tested, work out the bugs, and burn a few copies. It’s going to be a busy day.

Yesterday, I ventured into the Pettit line. Except for the descendants of Harry Pettit and Mabel Warren, the family isn’t really related but it adds to the overall genealogical picture. I added more of Azro Hudson Pettit’s family, his parents and siblings, along with what I could find on their descendants. I ran across a listing for the Conneautville Cemetery in Crawford County, Pennsylvania where Azro, his wife, his parents, and several of his siblings are buried.

Tomorrow I’ll be heading northeast to visit my ancestral homeland. I hope to be able to spend some time at Maple Grove and Fairview to get pictures of the Blakeslee and Gaines headstones. I also want to introduce Aunt Nancy to some of her ancestors.


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