Updates on the way

I posted a few queries on various county boards in Minnesota and California asking for obituaries. So far, I’ve received one response. It would seem that Elry’s widow remarried and married someone named Sproat. I wonder if he was related to her daughter’s husband? I checked the SSDI and the California Death Index and the dates and names check out. I sent an e-mail to Eve to see if she can enlighten me and she did. Her maternal grandmother, after Elry’s death, married her paternal grandfather, John Elzy Sproat.

The next update will occur before I head up north to visit the folks. It will be a major update. In additional to updating the tree, I’ve been reworking the entire web site, trying to make the main page less cluttered. I’m adding pages for Obituaries as well as for Documents and Downloads. With the next update, I will be moving all genealogical content to my web server. The old link at my hosted site will, once the update has been done, automatically take you to the right place. If it doesn’t, there will be a link you can click.

As I mentioned, I’ve begun creating obituary pages. From what I’ve read, no one is likely to pursue copyright issues although in these days of “intellectual property rights” you can never tell. I’m showing the references where I can find them. A lot of the obituaries are from the Painesville Telegraph, which doesn’t exist any more.

On the Documents and Downloads, I’ll have links to some of the documents I’ve scanned or downloaded. Since I’ve got the capacity, I may as well share them.

I’ve recently redid the photo pages and uploaded them. I added some pictures of the Warren Trio, a picture of Grandpa Bert on his horse at the house on Mill Street, and a portrait of Grandma Ethel as a young woman. On some of the pages, I expanded on the information about the picture or the person in the picture.

It’s a good thing I’m taking a few days off work before I go. I’ll need them to make sure the site is updated and the CD is done.


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