Gaines and Benedict updates

I received an e-mail from a Gaines cousin who recently went to Enfield and Granby, Connecticut and did some research. She wasn’t able to locate a birth record for my 3rd great-grandfather, Solomon Gaines, but she did find information on much of the rest of the family and confirmed two more generations of grandparents, providing me with a tangible link to the Gaines families of Enfield and Granby, Connecticut. She also found another sibling who remained in Connecticut after the rest of the family moved out west to Ohio sometime between 1840 and 1850.

My Gaines line:
Me –> Mom –> Laura A. Webster (Frank E. Warren) –> Willis Wayne Webster (Mabel K. Fleming)–> Vietta A. Gaines (George Wallace Webster) –> Solomon M. Gaines (Elvira E. Hill) –> Calvin Gaines, Jr. (Polly Booth)–> Calvin Gaines, Sr. (Anna Parsons) –> John Gaines (Lurana Pease)

Armed with this information I can revisit the Gaines’ genealogies at the New England Historical Genealogical Society and see what I can shake loose. I’ll be going through my notes and my other sources as well.

I have also been digging around in my Benedict roots, particularly in 19th century New York. I think I’ve found Daniel Andrus Benedict in Ledyard, Cayuga, New York in the 1840 census. Age distribution within his household matches what I imagine it would have been in 1840. Most of his children would have been married by then, leaving one son and one daughter still at home. I’ve found a Simeon Benedict in Sweden, Monroe, New York but the age distribution isn’t even close and there are too many people in the household. There was a Daniel Benedict in Canandaigua, Ontario, New York in 1840. I suspect he is the son of Daniel Andrus and in the household would be his wife Sarah Ann Housel and son John Housel Benedict. I have located Lydia (Jones) Benedict, widow of Daniel Andrus, in South Bristol, Ontario, New York in the 1850 census. She was living with her daughter, Lydia J. (Benedict) Sanford.

That’s the problem with the census enumerations prior to 1850, you almost have to have prior knowledge that the individual or family was in a certain location at a certain time. It’s also helpful if you know what children were living then and their approximate ages.

I’m pretty sure there will be an update before I head up north next month. I’ve decided to consolidate everything on one site. It will be easier to manage that way and I don’t have to mess with the links so much. It will also make the CD project a bit easier to maintain. There will be a page on my hosted site where the home page currently resides that will automatically redirect people to the right location and contain a link just in case the redirection doesn’t work.

I also plan to have the first edition of the CD ready by the time I head north so I can pass it out to my “beta testers” who don’t know it yet. I wonder if I can get people to fill out family group sheets and pedigree charts while I’m there.


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  1. I was able to find an online image of Solomon M. Gaines’ Ohio death certificate and the informant, Byron Richard Hill, husband of daughter Floretta, listed his parents as Calvin Gaines and Polly Booth. He also shows Solomon born in Connecticut.

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