Monroe County, New York

In this week’s Ancestry Weekly Journal, I found a link to the Monroe County (NY) Public Library which had links to several online indexes. Among them were an index of death notices appearing in the Brockport Republican newspaper between 1856 and 1923 as well as an index of marriage notices for the same period. They were in .pdf format so I downloaded them for easy research.

I perused the indexes and found death dates for my 3rd and 4th great-grandfathers. Oliver Warren (listed as Oliver R. Warren) died 20 Jan 1861 and Daniel died 9 Feb 1870. My 3rd great-grandmother, Dorcas Nesbitt Warren remarried after Oliver’s death. She married Eleazer Westcott on 24 Nov 1861. She outlived her second husband as well and had married Hiram Allen by 1880. She outlived him too.


One Response

  1. The online Brockport Republic death notices 1856-1923, shows Dorcas Allen having died 1909 in “Delmot,” SD at the age of 95. This appeared in the 11/6/1924 15 year history edition of the paper. This supports the 9 Oct 1909 SD death index information for Dorcas Allyn.

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