Blakeslee Probate & Sweet Research

The FHL films finally arrived and I reviewed the probate documents for Cooper and Uri Blakeslee. I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t reveal much in the way of new information. I printed out the documents from Cooper’s probate with the exception of his will, which I already had.

While trying to locate more information on Neva S. Sweet (2C2R), daughter of Orlo Mitchell Sweet (1C3R) and Alverda McNamee, I found plenty on the family of her husband, Roy E. Bosworth but what became of her is still a mystery. That search kind of led me to trying to determine what happened to Orlo’s brother Wesley and, in particular, his son from his first marriage, Charles Edwin Carroll Sweet (2C2R).

Wesley Sweet’s first wife, Agnes Loretta Carroll died in December 1908 of pneumonia leaving Wesley a widower with a four-year-old child. According to the online Lake County Probate Birth records, Charles was born on 6 Dec 1904 in Painesville. The newspaper articles concerning her death and funeral service indicated that Agnes had been ill for some time and had returned to Painesville from Chicago only a few weeks before she died. Other than his birth, I haven’t been able to locate any other information on Charles. He does not appear with Wesley in either the 1920 or the 1930 Census. I haven’t been able to locate either of them in the 1910 Census.

Around 1911, Wesley remarried. He married Nellie Mootz of Washington state. By 1930 they had three children and had traveled a bit. Daughter Marie A. (or Agnes M.) was born in California in 1913, son Lawrence was born in North Dakota in 1916, and daughter Yvonne was born in Oregon in 1929. Wesley’s WWI draft registration places him in Washington in 1918 as does the 1920 Census.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I knew his second wife’s surname. Since their daughter Marie A. Sweet was, according the census records, born in California, I figured if I could find her in the California Birth Index, it would give me her mother’s maiden name. Initially, I didn’t see her so I listed every female Sweet born within a couple of years of 1913 but no Marie or Mary listed seemed to be a close enough match. Then one name caught my eye — Agnes M. Sweet born 8 January 1913 in San Joaquin County. The mother’s maiden name was listed as Mootz. I remembered seeing the name Mootz on the same page of the 1920 Census where I had found Wesley and Nellie Sweet. Was this a clue?

I went back to the 1920 Census record and Wesley and Nellie lived next door to a Mark Mootz, a widower from Luxemburg. Nellie’s census data listed her parents as being from Luxemburg; it looked like there might be a connection. I found him in the same place in the 1910 and 1900 census enumerations. In the 1900 census, he had a daughter named Nellie and her listed birth date matched the Social Security records I had found on her. (The 1900 Census listed the month and year of birth.) Another mystery was solved.

However, Wesley and his son Charles still remain a mystery. I’m not sure where Wesley was born. The 1900 census indicates he was born in Ohio (probably Lake County) but he claimed to have been born in South Dakota in 1920 and 1930 census records. Probate birth records show that his next older brother Herbert was born in Painesville in 1873. I haven’t been able to locate the family in the 1880 census and the family was in Hutchinson County, South Dakota by 1885. I found the family in the 1885 South Dakota Territorial Census (listed as Lout) and it shows that Wesley was born in the Dakota Territory.


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