Blakeslee probate documents

The probate documents I requested from the Geauga County Archives arrived today. The were the wills of Cooper and Uri Blakeslee, which were entered into the probate ledgers after their deaths. I’ve only briefly perused them but Cooper’s will lists his wife and children.

To Mary, his wife, he provided for the use of his farm while she lived or remained his widow.

Theda Brockett – five dollars
Almira Webster – fifteen dollars
Louisa Knapp – fifteen dollars
Lucretia Blakeslee – forty dollars
Mary Stockwell – twenty-five dollars
Horace Blakeslee – forty dollars
Orren Blakeslee – one hundred dollars
Jared Blakeslee – one hundred dollars
Uri and Jason Blakeslee – the remainder of his farm in equal proportion.

The will was dated January 3, 1840. It was witnessed by Nathan Warren and Jonathan Rand and entered by the clerk on March 30, 1842.

That confirms three children (Mary, Uri, and Jason) for whom I’d seen references. I’ve also seen a reference to an Elizabeth but she isn’t mentioned in the will. I would surmise that either she wasn’t one of his children or she was deceased by 1840.

I need to start looking for good information on Mary, Uri, and Jason. Much of the information I’ve seen in Ancestry World Tree and the LDS site was submitted by someone who is quite well known for posting erroneous information so I can’t trust anything she posts. Census records indicate Uri was born in Connecticut about 1817. I’m pretty sure Cooper was still in the New Haven area around that time. I suspect that Mary and Jason may have been born in New Marlborough, Massachusetts.

I went to the NEHGS site and looked around there a bit. I didn’t find anything on Cooper Blakeslee but I found History and Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut and looked through it. I found references to Horace Webster and Almira Blakeslee and followed their descendants as far is my great-grandfather, Willis Webster. I’m extremely certain of my descendancy from Willis so this book takes me back to Gov. John Webster.

I’m still looking forward to seeing the LDS films of the probate documents, especially now that I know Uri’s relationship.


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  1. I transcribed the Probate Ledger documents and added them to the Wills & Probate page at my Genealogy site. I also updated a few of the other pages to include the “What’s New” page and the brick walls page and fixed a couple of links.

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