Genealogy CD

I’ve found a program that will allow me to create an autorun CD that will launch the default browser with the index.html file. This would enable me to create a CD version of the genealogy web site and distribute it. It would involve copying all the files to one folder and changing some links in the pages but I don’t think it would be too much of a hassle.

Of course, links to off site pages wouldn’t work without Internet access but since I’ll have to customize the pages for this project, I can put in a disclaimer to that effect. I’ll create a CD soon and send it to Ruth to test.

I really haven’t done much research since the last update. I’m patiently waiting for to make the every name index of the 1910 census available. There are a few women and children I haven’t been able to locate in that census. I know their married names but not the husband’s first name.

I posted a query about the Blakeslee probate records on the Ancestry/Rootsweb Geauga County message board and, surprisingly, received several responses. Most suggest that I contract the Geauga County Archives directly to request the records. I’ll compose a letter and request the documents. I’ll also make an effort to visit the FHC in Fairborn this week and order the LDS microfilm of the probate records. I’m sure these records will answer a lot of questions I have about Cooper Blakeslee.


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