Back in the tree again

I got Legacy working again this past Saturday. I downloaded the latest version and installed it over the current installation, which apparently fixed the problem. I worked on a variety of lines – Benedict, Doolittle, Jackman, Royer, Shroll, and Estes. I went through a couple of the trees I had downloaded from Lonnie’s Family Forum site and found information there I hadn’t entered.

In my surfing for information, I found a couple of Benedict obituaries. Elenora Blanche (Benedict) Doolittle (1C2R) passed away 21 January 2006 in Wausau, Wisconsin. She was the last surviving offspring of Herbert Clarence and Mary Edith. I also found a obituary for Anthony J. Benedict (3C1R), the infant son of James Paul Benedict and Maretta Ann Hartze. He died shortly after birth on 28 December 2005 in Bismarck, North Dakota. His lineage is James Paul, Paul Raymond, Ernest Edmond, Herbert Clarence, Hervey Jones.

I also did some research on Mandy’s ancestry. I found one entry on the Ancestry World Tree that claimed Alma Bascom Ellington was born in 1918. That’s interesting, considering that she had her first child that year. I did find her in the 1910 census and she was listed as 11 years old, supporting the 1898 birth date I’ve seen. I also saw in One World Tree that she had a son in Oklahoma in 1905. I don’t think so. She would have been about seven at the time.

Nobody should take anything they see in’s One World Tree as factual. It takes data from a variety of sources such as submitted trees and various databases, and somehow links them together, often erroneously. I use it to find leads and I attempt to verify any lead I get from it. It’s scary that many people will take what they find there as gospel.


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