March Update

So far, the FrankenWeb server is working out very well. The dynamic IP address has been very stable, which is very comforting after being ultra-dynamic while we trying to get it up and running. It’s amazing what a difference a couple of seemingly minor settings on the router can make.

I just accomplished the first update of content on FrankenWeb. Although I’m uploading the large sets of files over the LAN rather than the Internet, it still takes a while. CuteFTP isn’t up to the task of uploading 4,600 plus files in one go so I use FileZilla for that task. Even so, it pretty much maxes out system resources so I can’t really do anything else during the upload.

I’ve also reworked my main genealogy page on my hosted site. I’ve split it up into several smaller pages, which should make navigation easier once I start adding more content. I was also getting tired of scrolling up and down the page. I think the change looks nicer and, hopefully, will enhance the “user experience.”

I finished entering my Webster-Loomis data although I’ve found some information that conflicts with data I’d found previously. That’s something I’m going to have to look into and see which, if either, source is correct. There’s still a lot of the John Marsh-Anna Webster and John Marsh-Hepziabah Ford family data to sort through. There’s always something requiring further research. I guess that’s what makes it so challenging and so much fun.


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