The truth about Leroy

I posted a query about Odalite Loomis on the Loomis board. I don’t know if I’ll get a response. I still haven’t seen one on Sylva and Charlotte. I suppose there are a lot of queries that never get answered and probably get forgotten. I probably have several queries out there that I don’t remember posting. That’s probably why I’m surprised when I get a reply. Most queries seem to be answered by the same small group of researchers although I’ve occasionally seen some wackos posting incorrect information and get upset when you try to point that out.

By the way, Leroy Township, at least as far as the place where Alvin and Clarinda (Case) Loomis died and were buried is concerned, is not in Medina County nor is it called Westfield Center. It’s in Lake County bordered by Painesville and Perry Townships to the north, Concord Township to the west, Thompson (Geauga County) to the east and Hambden (Geauga County) to the south. I know because I grew up in the area and I still travel through Leroy quite often.

There’s a place in Leroy called “Five Points” that’s sometimes referred to as Leroy Center. It’s the point where State Route 86, Vrooman Road, Leroy Center Road, and Huntoon Road all meet. I like to refer to it as “beautiful downtown Leroy” as it is the largest concentration of retail establishments in the entire township.


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