February Updates

I haven’t been putting much time into genealogical pursuits lately. I still need to continue working on the Loomis-Webster information; I must get back to that. The lines cross several times and I still haven’t gotten back to a common Loomis ancestor yet.

I saw interesting posts on the “Ray” board so I posted a query there for information about my 3rd great-grandmother, Charlotte Ray. I haven’t gotten a response yet. As near as I can figure, she is most likely the daughter of Abel Ray of Thompson or George G. C. Ray of Leroy. I’ve examined the 1830 and 1840 census images for both of them and the enumerations indicated there were females in each household of the same age as Charlotte. Unfortunately, records for Ohio in that time period are scarce. About the only records that might exist are possibly church records or an entry in a family Bible. County birth records weren’t required until 1867. I doubt there were many established churches that early in Geauga County.

There are a couple of Abel Ray’s descendants that post regularly to the board. I know D. Berg is not aware of her being a daughter of Abel but she thinks it could be possible. Maybe I’ll see a response soon. I may have to do some digging at the Chardon Library for probate documents or whatever. Hopefully, search of the Morley Library obituary card index might turn up something. I could spend weeks looking up obituaries at that library.

I updated the GEDCOM files along with the web pages today. I made several minor modifications to most of the genealogy pages, mostly spelling and HTML corrections. The most tedious part of the update is uploading the files created by Legacy. It creates over 4,500 files and if I try to upload the whole thing, my FTP client crashes. I’ve been uploading them a couple hundred at a time, which takes a while. When I get the web server online I think I’ll have the Legacy and GED4WEB pages on the local server. I think it will be quicker to upload them over the LAN than over the Internet. I wonder if Filezilla would work any better.

I’ve found that there’s an upgrade to GED2HTML out. It’s only a minor revision from version 3.6 to 3.6a but it would be good to have. I found my licensing information and when I registered it on 2003, I was entitle to free upgrades for two years. Rats! It looks like I’m going to have to buy it again.


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