More twists and turns

I finally found a date and place of death for Odalite Loomis, daughter of Otis Loomis and Hazel Arnold. I did a search on her first name since it’s not very common. She remarried after Lawrence Martony died. I found vitals on her third husband (Martony was number two); he’d been married six times, outliving at least three of them. All I know about Odalite’s first husband is that his last name was Taylor. She isn’t with the family in the 1930 census and I haven’t been able to find her in that census. I know nothing about her between 1920 and 1966. About all I know about her between 1966 and 1984 is that she and her third husband, Ray Young, lived in Ft. Myers, Florida for a while. The SSDI shows her last benefit was paid in Ft. Myers and the Ohio Deaths 1958-2002 index shows she died in Painesville. She’s buried in the Riverside Cemetery with Ray and his brother. Unfortunately, her obituary isn’t listed in the Morley Library obituary index. I suppose I could e-mail their genealogist and request it.

I’ve got a lot of conflicting data for the family of John Marsh and Anne Webster. I’m going to try to sort it all out on paper before I take it any further. I’ll try to start entering some of the Otis Loomis ancestry. I have the names of his parents, grandparents, and an uncle. I’ll look at the census information and try to some more research to trace it back a bit further. I’m sure Otis and I have a common ancestor somewhere back there in 17th century Connecticut.

I’ve found that two children of Richard Lyman and Hepzibah Ford direct ancestors — son Richard and daughter Hepzibah. They both tie in to the Webster line. Hepzibah Lyman Dewey is my 9th great-grandmother and Richard Lyman and Elizabeth Cowles are 9th great-grandparents.

I started working backwards from Otis Loomis to our common ancestor, which is John Marsh, who is my 10th great-grandfather and his 5th great-grandfather. We also share a common ancestor in Hepzibah Ford (10th & 5th great-grandparents again). Otis’ 4th great-grandfather, David Loomis, married Lydia Marsh, daughter of John Marsh and Hepzibah Ford Lyman.

There has to be a common Loomis ancestor as well. It’s probably the senior Joseph Loomis but I haven’t gone back that far yet. Maybe tomorrow night.


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