Starting on the Schaefer line

I’ve started looking at the SCHAEFER line. I found George (Aunt Edna’s husband) in the Lake County Probate Births and I noticed a pair of siblings there as well, twins named Anna and William. So, he wasn’t an only child. I found some information on his parents, Frank SCHAEFER and Maria Magdalena KRAEMER, in Ancestry World Tree. It seems George was the youngest of a large family. I was able to find most of the listed marriages in the Cuyahoga County Probate Court’s Historical Marriage Index. The only ones I’ve found in census records so far are Frank, Magdalena, and George in 1920, and George and Edna in 1930. I really haven’t looked for the others yet. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find them in the 1910 and 1920 censuses.

The AWT information I’ve seen is quite sketchy, mostly names of Frank and Magdalena’s children. Only one of them had dates, probably a direct ancestor of whoever posted it. Some had spouses identified, even if only by last name. The only information for one daughter was her name and a note saying she moved to Chicago. That may or may not be helpful. This family is going to be a challenge to research.

The AWT data also showed a third child of George and Edna, a Dale SCHAEFER. I knew about Melvin and Shirley but I’ve never heard any mention of a Dale. I’ll have to ask Dad the next time I call home. I’m going to have to visit the library the next time I’m back home and see if I can find Edna’s obituary.


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