Mystery Solved (for now)

The mystery of Ruth ROYER has been solved. I received a response to my query on the Royer message board. It seems that she married a Thomas PLUMB in 1919. Then it struck me that some time ago I had received some information that included an obituary for Oscar HARRISON. In the obituary, it was stated that he was survived by “one daughter, Mrs. Tom Plumb, of Tyndall.” I also remembered Jeanine mentioning something about the Plumb surname in her correspondence. With the information provided in the response, I was able to find Ruth’s SSDI information on Ancestry and get her birth and death dates. I also found her husband’s birth and death information. I still haven’t located their marriage in the SD marriage index. I’m still wondering if Oscar and Lucinda legally adopted her. I e-mailed Laurie my findings.

I updated the site again on Saturday. I uploaded the pages created by Legacy and changed the main page to link to it. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough available space for both the old and new versions of the tree. For any visitors that liked the old format, I placed a zipped archive of its latest incarnation on the site with a corresponding link to download it.

I hope to have my own web server up and running by April. Maybe I’ll be able to use some income tax refund or bonus money to obtain the components I’ll need.


2 Responses

  1. So would you like to see photos of Ruth Royer and Tom Plumb. I have photos on my facebook pages.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It’s great when I can put faces to the names.

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