Plenty Of Clues Leading To Brick Walls

I did some climbing in Mandy’s branch of the tree this weekend. I found a lot of names, some dates, and not much in the way of amplifying information to tie much together. I found obituaries for two recent deaths in her family, which gave me some names and a couple of clues. I’ll have to get with Mandy and go over the new information with her. The MULLINS side is particularly difficult because there are a lot of them in that part of Kentucky and so many have the same first names.

One obstacle I’ve found is the lack of census information on any families I’ve looked for in Kentucky. I’m sure the state’s population has been under reported for decades, maybe for the entire history of the census. My guess is that census enumerators were reluctant to go back into the hills, lest they be mistaken for Revenue Agents. This was probably particularly true when U.S. Marshals were used to conduct the census. It would also be helpful if the Kentucky Marriage Index on Ancestry had marriages prior to 1973.

The plan for this evening is to update the gedcom files and create new pages. It would be nice if I had room on the site for both the Legacy- and Ged4Web-generated pages along with the Ged2HTML-generated pages but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Fifty megabytes of storage doesn’t go far these days. I really need my own web server.

Conley Corner — Conley genealogy in and around Magoffin County, Kentucky

While sorting out my leads folder I came across an image of a Minnesota newspaper from 1954 that mentions Hazel BENEDICT (wife of Herbert C.), a couple of her sisters, her mother, a daughter, and a granddaughter. I found the granddaughter along with another in the Minnesota Birth Index and shows the mother’s (Hazel’s daughter) maiden name as ROBINSON, which leaves me to believe that Hazel’s marriage to Herbert was her second.

Again, I have some clues, but few solid leads. But at least now I know Herbert’s Hazel didn’t die in 1952 in Wells County, North Dakota. I took another look at that web page I have on Herbert and it doesn’t say one way or the other if she died before him. I sort of assumed she did because he had lived out his last days on his son’s farm in North Dakota. I know, never assume.


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