I finally got around to entering the family of my 3rd great-grandmother, Elvira HILL. I pretty much put the family together from information from census records from 1840 up until 1900 along with data from Ancestry Family Tree. I still need to get more definite dates and stuff. The Ohio Death Certificate Index was very slow last night. Just bringing up the page was painfully slow. Even after I got the page loaded, searches all timed out. Maybe I’ll have better luck with that tonight.

I’ve looked at the web pages I created with Legacy and, over all, I like the way the information is displayed. I think if I tweak the information that I add to customize it, it’ll work out. It was be nice if I had the storage space on my host to put both the Legacy and Ged4Web trees. I’ve been giving serious thought to resurrecting my old 950 and making it my web server. I’d set it up like Adam’s server although I’ll probably run Windows instead of Linux. I’ve been toying with the idea for about a year but the need for it is becoming more apparent.


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  1. It looks as though the Ohio Death Certificate Index, 1913 – 1944 site is undergoing maintenance today. I wonder how long it will be down. I managed to get on it for a few minutes this afternoon and find some of my HILL relations who may have died in Lake and Geauga Counties during that period of time.

    HILL, Ettie Death date: 1/4/1914, Geauga County
    Volume #1265, Certificate #2384
    HILL, Levi B. Death date: 10/4/1921, Geauga County
    Volume #3696, Certificate #56196
    HILL, Katheri Death date: 12/8/1916, Lake County
    Volume #2122, Certificate #75652
    HILL, Paul C. Death date: 3/1/1928, Lake County
    Volume #5602, Certificate #17112
    HILL, Mary E. Death date: 3/13/1925, Lake County
    Volume #4692, Certificate #16288
    HILL, Frank E. Death date: 7/8/1940, Lake County
    Certificate #44550
    HILL, Nora E. Death date: 4/19/1942, Lake County
    Certificate #24365
    HILL, Sara Death date: 8/29/1942, Lake County
    Certificate #51187

    I forgot to copy my HILL leads file and my latest Legacy files to my thumb drive so I don’t have any of the new data I entered yesterday evening on my laptop. I seem to remember that Ettie was Irvin’s wife and Levi Bradley’s wife was named Kate (Katherine). I’m not sure about the other ladies in the list. There was a daughter named Mary but I haven’t been able to find anything about her getting married.

    I’ll probably work this data in tonight and maybe produce another update to the web site this weekend.

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