Catching Up (Again)

After pretty much neglecting my web site for eight months, I finally updated it today. Yeah, it’s about time. I’ll try to maintain it better, along with this blog since it appears that I had started to compose two posts that never got published.

In the last week or so, I’ve added more information to the Erwin WALLACE-Amanda WEBSTER line and the ROYER-SHROLL line. This weekend I added the POPE-PISKURA information since Sandy had sent me an e-mail mentioning they were absent from my tree. A challenge for the new year will be to find more information on my great-granduncle John (or Janos) PISKURA. I haven’t been able to find much information and most of it is rather sketchy. While I’m at it I should research my great-grandfather’s siblings, uncles, and cousins who were in the Cleveland area.

I want to get a bit more aggressive about my genealogy this year and do more hard research in courthouses and libraries. I want to take better advantage of genealogical society offerings and get my butt over to the Family History Center so I can order the films of those BLAKESLEE probate documents. Those documents should answer a lot of questions.

Here are the posts that didn’t get posted last year . .

23 Nov 2005

With the Thanksgiving Day holiday fast approaching, I thought I’d try to learn more about my Mayflower ancestors. If my information is correct, I can trace my ancestry to eight passengers on the Mayflower: John HOWLAND, John TILLEY, Joan (HURST) (ROGERS) TILLEY, Elizabeth TILLEY, Isaac ALLERTON, Mary (NORRIS) ALLERTON, Mary ALLERTON, and Francis COOKE. Of those, John and Joan TILLEY, and Mary ALLERTON (Isaac’s wife) did not survive the first winter.

I’ve found numerous web sites dedicated to the Mayflower and many of its passengers and I’ve found it all very interesting and informative. It’s difficult for us to imagine the hardships they endured during the voyage, the first winter, and the first few years in New England. Since they arrived in November, all they had were the provisions they’d brought with them; there hadn’t been time for crops or laying in enough firewood for the winter. Having nearly half of the colony die during the first few months must have been depressing and discouraging.

My ancestry goes back to John HOWLAND (10th great-grandfather) and John TILLEY (11th great-grandfather). John HOWLAND married Elizabeth TILLEY (10th great-grandmother), daughter of John TILLEY and Joan HURST ROGERS. It also goes back to Isaac ALLERTON and Mary (NORRIS) ALLERTON (11th great-grandparents) and their daughter Mary (10th great-grandmother). Also Francis COOKE (11th great-grandfather) through his daughter Jane who arrived later.

10 Dec 2005

In yesterday’s Ancestry Daily News, I found a link to the North Dakota Department of Health’s Public Death Index. I searched for as many Benedict and related ancestors and relatives as i could think of. I did confirm that my great-great-grandfather, Hervey J. BENEDICT, died in Emmons County, North Dakota, not South Dakota. I may have found Herbert Clarence BENEDICT’s second wife, Hazel. I In the index I found a Hazel E. BENEDICT who died 13 July 1952 in Wells County, ND. The Hazel BENEDICT records I’ve found in Minnesota records all died after Herbert and the biographical information I’ve read gives the impression that she preceded him in death. That could explain why his was living with his children at the time of his death in 1972. My gut feeling tells me she’s the one but I need more than that. I suppose I could order a death certificate (it’s only $5.00). If she died before Herbert, chances are he provided the information. If I could find something placing Herbert in Wells County in 1952. It will be 17 years before the 1950 census is available.


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