Catching up

I received some new information on my Uttley line the other day. I worked it into the tree and did some follow up research on I’m up to the letter “R” in my sorting of the dead. Even after I finish the Z surnames, I’m sure there will be some living dead in the tree. I keep finding BENEDICT and BLAKESLEE names that are still marked as living, mostly names for whom I have no birth dates. I’ll get them all eventually.

I’ve been meaning to update the web site but every time I start to do that, I find something that needs fixed, which leads me down another path and I end up adding more to the tree. What I need to do is just create the GEDCOMs, run the programs, make the trees, update the pages and post them. I must resist the urge to change things at that time. I need to update the site; I can fix errors and include the changes in the next update. I should be doing this at least monthly.

I got an anonymous e-mail through Ancestry about information I “posted” on Ancestry concerning Elizabeth BLAKESLEE (2C9R), daughter of John BLAKESLEE and Lydia (unknown), born 1 Mar 1702 in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut. The only information of mine that’s in AWT is her name, date and location of birth, and her husband’s name. The author’s concern seems to be data showing that their children were born after they were dead. Yeah, that’s an inconsistency all right. Of course, my tree was only one of over 30 trees with this individual so I imagine it went to the owners of each of those trees.

Apparently, the data in the e-mail comes from Ancestry’s One World Tree, which I’ve found to be extremely unreliable. It pulls information from whatever trees are posted and other Ancestry databases and makes guesses about relationships. To make matters worse, anybody can post changes to the data. I’ve found incredible errors in lines that I know to be fact from personal knowledge. I find it useful for leads and I’ll go to the AWT trees for further information. Apparently, a lot of people take the One World Tree data as gospel.

I’ve been able to remove two of my old trees from AWT that were under an old e-mail address. There’s still a tree that’s at least a year old on there but it doesn’t show up in my account and I haven’t been able to delete it. I quit posting trees to AWT and refer people to my genealogy site instead since it will have my most recent information. I seem to have a hard enough time keeping my site up to date.


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