Fixing information

I got those tutorial CDs for Legacy last week but I haven’t had a chance to look at them yet. Maybe I’ll get a chance this weekend.

A few days ago I discovered that the Lake County Genealogical Society had posted transcripts of the 1867-1908 county birth index. I’ve been going through that and finding a lot of good information. Apparently, my Websters were living in Painesville for a while between 1900 and 1910. I’ll be digging into that more and documenting what I find.

I had started updating the gedcom files and web pages the other day when I decided to check out some of the other web pages that Legacy can create. I was surprised to find I had so many direct ancestors who were shown as “Living.” Since I only have two living ancestors, I decided I needed to fix this problem. So I’ve been going through my Legacy index and checking those individuals for whom I have no death information to determine if they should be living or not.

Most are quite obvious. If they had children born prior to about 1930, they are probably dead. Those born after about 1910 aren’t always so easy to determine. Sometimes I can find a death record on Ancestry, sometimes not. I just have to make my best guess.

I got an e-mail from Gail Sutton yesterday informing me that her father, Robert H. Sutton, had passed away on the 21st. I updated the In Memoriam part of the genealogy home page with his information.

I got a response from Deanna Warren. Her husband seems to be from an entirely different Warren line. She seems to have obtained her information on Daniel Warren’s pedigree from’s OneWorldTree, which I’ve found to be very suspect. I’ve found so much information there that was so far off on lines that I know with 100 percent certainty. I verify every lead I obtain from there. I know none of my Warren ancestors came from New Jersey or lived in Ohio prior to the 20th century.

OneWorldTree seems to somehow gather information by parsing trees posted through Ancestry World Tree and piecing them together. I’ve seen information on my lines that were obviously taken from trees that I removed quite a while ago. I think there is still some AWT information that I posted under old e-mail addresses. I should check into finding out if I can get them removed.

I no longer post gedcom files to Ancestry or Rootsweb because it’s too easy for me to forget I put them there and so I don’t maintain them. If anyone wants my most current information, they should go to my web page.


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