South Dakota Death Index now has a South Dakota death index covering 1905 to 1955. The index only gives the date and county of death but every piece of information helps. In a quick search this morning, I found Alvin Warren and most of my Harrisons. I found a Harvey J. Benedict who died 14 Jun 1925. The date I had was 7 Oct 1924. The source of the Oct 1924 is probably from Mitch Vander Vorst’s tree. I’ve found a lot of his information to be suspect and, in many cases, wrong.

The South Dakota Death Index, 1905-1955, has provided me with an additional source for some of Jeannine’s information. I found and printed her e-mail to Chris Tonn. There is a lot of good information in there but I need to be sure to cite a source for anything I use out of it. I don’t want her accusing me of “stealing” her information. Citing the e-mail as a source could be tricky since Jeanine didn’t sent it to me. Some of it comes from sources to which I have access; those are no problem – I simply cite my source. She does have some information from obituaries, newspaper articles, etc. For those, I’ll have to use her as the source.

I really do need to work on citing my sources. Sometimes it’s difficult to remember where I found different bits of information. It will probably be an arduous task to do it but it needs to be done.


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