Putka Immigration, Ellis Island

All of my plans to conduct any research on my trip to Footville fell through. Even without all the snow up there and the power outage, I would not have been able to get near the Chardon Library anyway. The Maple Festival, which used to be earlier in March, is now the first weekend in April. I had contemplated going to the Morley Library in Painesville on the way home but there just wasn’t time yesterday.
I’ll have to plan a research trip soon to look up obituaries and check out the collections at the Morley, Chardon, and Geneva libraries. I will have to make a point to go to the local Family History Center and request the films for the Blakeslee probate documents.

This evening, I did some research on the Putka line. I revisited the Ellis Island records for Andreas Putka, Anna Putka, and Zsofia Piszkura. I saved the images of the original manifests and noted the information. Much of the information matches what I know about them. The final destination for each of them was Cleveland. Relatives paid for passage. His uncle, Paul Putka, paid for Andrew’s (Andreas) passage. Anna’s was paid for by M. Putka, her brother. Could this be Michael Putka? Zsofia’s trip was paid for by her brother, Janos Piskura. I’m pretty sure these are the right people as everything matches so well. Zsofia Piszkura would have been the Hungarian spelling of Sofia Piskura.

I found Anna and her husband Joseph Visocki in the 1910 census. There’s an Andrew Putka listed on the same page. The entry shows him as single and 24. That’s the right age but the year of immigration doesn’t match. It shows him living with his widowed mother, Anna, age 60. The entry shows that she only had one child. I know my great-grandfather had at least one sibling, Anna, and there’s a strong possibility that Michael Putka is his brother.


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