Research Plans

I’ve been working on peripheral family lately, particularly, Sweet and Betts spouses. Yesterday, I followed a couple of clues in Willis Webster’s obituary and found some information on one of Hazel Arnold’s daughters, Odalita. There were two stepdaughters mentioned but only by their husband’s names. The other was a Mrs. Robert Phillips. It could have been either Sylva or Charlotte. The husband’s name is so common that it’s almost impossible to trace down without more information. Maybe Hazel’s obituary would provide more information.

I’m traveling up to Footville this weekend to help Laura take care of the folks. I’m planning to visit the Chardon library on the way in, stopping long enough to get those probate documents for Cooper and Uri Blakeslee and get a look around. I’m taking a vacation day Monday and planning to visit the Morley Library in Painesville to look up some obituaries. I’m particularly interested in finding Warren and Webster obituaries. I’d like to take a look at other records in their collection, especially birth, cemetery, and marriage records.

Found a lot of Spaller information today. I still can’t find any sort of death record for Evelyn M. Spaller Warren. Every Evelyn Warren I’ve found has died before 2000. The obituary index item for her sister, Lois M. Luhta, lists her. I’m assuming that she’s listed because she was still living. I may have to look up the obituary to be sure.


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