Cooper Blakeslee info

I’ve been looking at census records for Cooper Blakeslee, particularly for the years 1800-1830. In 1800 he and Mary lived in North Haven, Connecticut and had two children under10 (Horace and Theda). In 1810 they were in East Haven and there was one boy under 10 (Orrin) and a son 10-15 (Horace). There were also three daughters under 10 (Lucretia, Louisa, and Almira) and a daughter 10-15 (Theda).

I’ve seen references to at least three children ( Mary, Jason, and Uri) born to Cooper and Mary after they moved to New Marborough around 1818.Theda married Levi Brockett in 1817 in New Haven where they remained throughout their lives. Almira married Horace Webster in 1818 in North Haven.

In the 1820 census – two sons under 10 (Jared and another boy), one son 10-15 (Orrin), one daughter under 10 (possibly Mary, born about 1819), a daughter 10-15 (Lucretia), and a daughter 16-25 (Louisa). The 1830 census showed one son under 10 (possibly Uri), one son 10-14 (possibly Jason), and a son 15-19 (Jared). Horace had his own household nearby. A daughter 10-14 (possibly Mary) and another daughter 20-29 (Lucretia) were in the household.

By the 1840 census the family was in Thompson, Geauga, Ohio. The census showed two children living at home – a male 20-29 (probably Jared) and a daughter 10-14, which could be Mary although the age is a few years too young.

I am going to have to get a look at the Geauga County probate documents for Cooper and Uri Blakeslee. I’m sure those documents would shed some light on Cooper’s family. I know there’s a copy at the library in Chardon and I should be able to look at the film through the LDS Family History Center. I’ll try the e-mail again. Maybe I’ll get a response this time.

I did a little more checking around at the LDS Family Search Site. It seems that there was a Uri Blakeslee born to Horace Blakeslee and Eunice Darling about 1825 in New Marborough. That would make sense. All of the census records for the Uri born in 1817 show that he was born in Connecticut so he is probably the son Cooper and Mary.


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