Census Tools, Clooz

In this morning’s Ancestry Daily News I found a link to http://www.censustools.com, which has Excel spreadsheets set up for entering census data. There are also spreadsheets for cemeteries, family group sheets, passenger manifests, and research logs. I believe these will prove to very useful. I’m not exactly sure how I’ll organize them but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

I did some spelling checks and general updating of my news and software pages. I really do need to spell check before I post. I also took a look at the Clooz site and found out why I get an “out of memory” error. The computer is running too fast for the stand-alone version of Clooz. That means I’m going to have to remove it and install the Access 2000 version. What was that error I was getting with that? I didn’t see anything on their support page that looked remotely like it. I’ve made a copy of the database and converted it to Access 2000. Maybe that will work. If I get the error again I’ll email them with the details. If I have to, I can run it on a laptop.


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