Webster death certificates

I got an early Christmas present from the Ohio Historical Society today, namely the death certificates I had requested. They contain all sorts of good information. I’ll try to decipher the writing at a later date. It turns out that George J., Willis, and the unnamed infant were the children of Willis and Mabel.

  • George James Webster, born 9 Sep 1915 in Thompson, died 7 Nov 1916 in Painesville
  • Willis Webster, born 31 Aug 1925 in Painesville, died 3 Sep 1925 in Painesville
  • Infant daughter Webster, born 27 Sep 1926 in Painesville, died 29 Sep 1926 in Painesville

I had also requested the Death Certificate for George Wallace Webster. Other than the cause of death, which I haven’t deciphered, it doesn’t provide any new information. Miles provided the information and he’s listed as living in Painesville in December 1914. His World War I draft registration also places him in Painesville, as does the 1920 census. It’s probably a safe bet to say that he was probably in Painesville in 1910. Why can’t I find him? I’ve tried about every search combination I can think of. I guess I’ll have to go through census images one at a time.

If I could find Miles and Viola in the 1910 census, it could give me a valuable clue. If the census shows that Viola had lost a child, it would be a good indication that they could be the parents.


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