Looking for death info

Today I submitted queries in a couple of Civil War message boards to see if I could find more information about the young Daniel Warren from Monroe County, New York who died at Antietam in 1862. My gut feeling is that the grave in the Brockport Cemetery is that of my 4th great-grandfather and the younger Daniel is most likely buried in the Antietam National Cemetery. He was a private when he was killed and I think it’s doubtful anyone would have made the effort to bring his body back to New York.

I found records on Ancestry showing an Evelyn M. Warren, born in Mar 1910 and died in Oregon in July 1994. The SSDI record shows that her Social Security number was issued in Ohio. Could this be the former Evelyn M. Spaller, wife of Clinton A. Warren? I doubt very much that Clinton’s widow would still be living since she’d be 94, although it is possible. Is she buried in Chesterland? The gravestone doesn’t show a death year but that doesn’t mean anything. They had no children so it’s possible it was never updated. I think it might be time to write to the cemetery and see what information I can get. I don’t have too many relatives buried in Chesterland so it won’t be much of a request.

Who is buried in Chesterland? Frank and Laura Warren, Clinton and Evelyn Warren, Hervey and Nina Warren, and Libby (Warren) and her first husband, Marvin are buried there.


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